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Overview of Yoga Classes

At Satya Yoga we offer yoga classes daily from beginner/gentle to moderate, restorative, yin, ashtanga & kids yoga in Dallas, TX


Beginners Yoga

If you are new to yoga this is the class for you. Classes focus on the breath, foundations and mechanics of the postures.


Gentle Yoga

If you have never taken a yoga class or simply prefer to move at your own pace and enjoy the gentle variations of all the postures, then this class is for you.


All Levels

Whether you have been practicing for years or relatively new to the practice, this class offers cardio and strength training. You will improve strength and flexibility, yet get the balance that yoga brings your practice.



A challenging and vigorous 90 minute class incorporating both flowing and held postures. This class is great for the athletic type who hasn't done yoga before or for those with some yoga experience. There are options to modify postures or adjust the level of activity for those with injuries or new practitioners. Ashtanga systematically works the entire body, increasing strength, flexibility and balance. The sequence of poses are practiced every time, which allows the participant to learn the sequence then they can focus on the breath, locks and gaze.


Yoga 101

A very beginner class for students who are new to yoga and for experienced yogis who prefer a slower paced class. The class will focus on basic yoga poses with proper alignment and supportive breath. Participants with varying degrees of strength and flexibility are welcome. Straps, blankets, and blocks are available to ensure that the benefits of yoga are accessible to students of all ages, sizes, and ability levels. Come and discover the benefits of yoga!



This is a passive practice using bolsters, blocks and blankets to support the body. Restorative poses help relieve chronic stress, stimulate the organs and reduce blood pressure.


Yin Yoga

This is slow-paced yoga were poses are held for longer periods of time, typically five minutes or longer per pose. Yin Yoga poses apply moderate stress to the connective tissues allowing for more flexibility in the joints.



This intro to meditation class will lay the foundation of a successful meditation practice, including breath work, concentration, and deep relaxtion. Classes will vary in meditation styles allowing all participants, including beginners, to learn a variety of tools to establish a practice. An introduction to hand mudras (gestures), chakras (energy centers) and mantras (energetic statements) will be explained and introduced should you choose to practice them. Dress comfortably.


Kid's Yoga

Children learn through play, but unfortunately many are already feeling the effects of a busy, stressed out society. Using songs, stories, and rhymes to maintain interest, this class will incorporate poses for strength, flexibility, balance, and overall health. We will also work on deep breathing, focused attention, cooperation, and relaxation. Most importantly, the kids get to have fun and shine like the stars they are!