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Melissa Mayo

After graduating college and beginning to work as an HR professional in the corporate world, I first tried yoga as a way to get in shape after spending countless hours sitting at a desk and staring at a computer. For the first year of having a daily yoga practice, I’ll admit that the physically challenging asanas, or poses, are what kept me enthralled. I would push myself to be able to do all of the cool arm balances and inversions...I didn’t meditate, or study and practice any of the other, non-physical limbs of yoga.

After some time, I began to find more fulfillment in my yoga practice than in my corporate job. I began to broaden my practice, no longer just focusing on the poses, but instead doing my best to incorporate yogic concepts into my daily life, and to read and study history and philosophy of yoga. I was hooked.

In August 2017, I finally acted on a decision I had been contemplating for up to a year, and quit my corporate job, so that I could become certified to teach yoga. A few months afterwards, I received my 200 hour certification from Namah Shivaya, a wonderful school and studio that does an excellent job of teaching and practicing each limb of yoga. I am currently continuing my studies of yoga, by working towards my 500 hour certification. I teach all-levels classes, as well as gentle classes. In my classes, I do my best to encourage mindfulness and body

Melissa Mayo instructs the following:
  • All Levels
  • This class is moderately active with the intention to challenge you a bit more than the gentle class, but still provide enough opportunity for modifications and variations so any practitioner can attend and benefit.

  • Kids Yoga
  • Children learn through play, but unfortunately many are already feeling the effects of a busy, stressed out society. Using songs, stories, and rhymes to maintain interest, this class will incorporate poses for strength, flexibility, balance, and overall health. We will also work on deep breathing, focused attention, cooperation, and relaxation. Most importantly, the kids get to have fun and shine like the stars they are!