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Mary Sue Hayward

I am a yoga teacher who works with students seeking a gentle approach to movement and yoga postures. I discovered yoga in mid-life and understand what it is like to be a beginner. With a Master’s degree in Clinical and Counseling Psychology from SMU, 200-hour and 500-hour registered yoga teacher certifications, and a HeavyWeight Yoga certification, I work with new or returning students, students with physical limitations, overweight students, and even experienced yoga practitioners. My classes focus on making yoga accessible no matter what challenge you experience. I emphasize safe alignment and gentle transitions between poses. In addition to yoga, I’m an enthusiastic walker. You might see me at White Rock Lake walking and doing yoga to support walking fitness. In my career ‘past life’ I was a geologist, a training and development specialist for scientists, and a learning disabilities diagnostician for children.

Mary Sue Hayward instructs the following:
  • Yoga 101
  • Yoga 101 is a very beginner class for students who are new to yoga and those who prefer a slower paced class. The class will focus on basic yoga poses with proper alignment and supportive breath. Participants with varyingdegrees of strength and flexibility are welcome. Straps, blankets, and blocks are available to ensure that the benefits of yoga are accessible to students of all ages, sizes, and ability levels. Come and discover the benefits of yoga!

  • Gentle
  • If you have never taken a yoga class or simply prefer to move at your own pace and enjoy the gentle variations of all the postures, then this class is for you.